In company programme

An investment in your employees’ resilience with high returns

Just as important as strengthening your employees’ skills, is enhancing their drive and energy. This ensures all the capabilities to complete tasks and fulfill responsibilities. Which results in happy clients, suppliers, employees and better results.

The workshop series Personal Energy Management offers employees a practical framework for energy balance. It gives them personal responsibility in managing the correct energy balance to complete the challenges in their job and organization. The results can be quantified through a science based questionnaire and biofeedback measurements during training.

When coaching we use the BOOST methodology, which is a scientifically proven, practical way to set you up to reach your goals including cardiac coherence, collaborative communication, inspired coaching and systematic thinking. The programme is always tailored to suit the client’s specific situation.


  • Quantifiable result: less physical and stress related complaints
  • Practical knowledge and easily implemented techniques
  • Mental focus to accomplish goals
  • Balanced communication in stressful situations
  • More motivation and drive
  • FUN!

Practical information

As part of the Personal Energy Management programme we organize:

  • An intake with the stakeholders and an individual intake with the participants
  • Communication to present the programme within the organization before the start
  • Communication with the participants during and after the programme
  • Workshop programme (maximum 12 participants)
  • 3 workshops of 3.5 h with a 2 week interval
  • The latest tools (biofeedback and apps on PC, smartphone or tablet) developed to support the participants
  • A refresher day after 6 to 8  weeks
  • Evaluation of the programme, based on the feedback of the participants and the results of the scientific measurements

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