Individual brain profile

Better performance through insight into brain preferences

Through an online assessment, Neethling Brain Instruments (NBI®) can provide insights into your brain profile and preferred thought patterns. Your thinking preferences strongly influence what you enjoy, how you communicate, process information, cooperate and lead.

This is an effective instrument for personal development and coaching. Neethling Brain Instruments assessment (NBI®) is easy to implement and is based on Dr. Neethling’s many years of brain function research.

The NBI profile can be used on its own or as part of individual or team coaching.


  • Insight in individual energy “boosters” and energy “drainers”
  • More efficient employee management
  • Better and more effective communication
  • Using various brain preferences to make better decisions
  • Job (re-)orientation advice

Practical information

Based on an online-assessment (approximately 30’) you will receive your brain profile report. You will also get personal feedback during an individual consultation (45’).