Improved performance through cardiac rhythm

Cardiac coherence Stress reduction, as part of the Personal Energy Programme, is based on Cardiac Coherence training. This evidence-based training has been proven to resonate heart rhythm through a simple breathing technique. Using this breathing technique stimulates physical, mental and emotional balance and has a general positive effect on mental and physical well-being. During the training we measure the results of the exercise and the immediate effect on heart rhythm variability and the nervous system, via biofeedback equipment. The training demonstrates a clear difference and only requires 3 times 3 minutes a day to increase concentration and productivity. Cardiac coherence is a nice introduction into the many easy ways to increase efficiency and reduce stress situations. As a cardiac coherence coach at St Joseph Hospital, Mieke Buysrogge, along with the REVIDA team, uses cardiac coherence to successfully combat stress related disorders and burn-out situations.


  • Higher performance under stress
  • Stress and burn-out reduction
  • Less anxiety and concentration disorders
  • Trauma coping

Practical information

Download here E-Z-Air Breathalyzer