Personal coaching

The “pit stop” that gets you to the finish line – first!

A personal coaching plan is the ideal way to schedule the pit stops in your hectic Formula 1 paced life. This enables you to finish the race and get ahead. With a coach by your side who can view your life situation from another perspective you will be challenged and inspired to see the world differently.

When coaching we use the BOOST methodology, which is a scientifically proven, practical way to set you up to reach your ultimate goal: heart coherence, your brain profile (NBI®), collaborative communication, inspired coaching, systematic thinking, sales and management skills.

Possible topics in your coaching plan:

  • How to realize personal or private goals?
  • Sales and Sales Management competences
  • Customer Relationship building
  • How to deal with work related stress and change?
  • Conflict or stress situations at home or at work?
  • Burn-out coaching and re-integration at work


  • Stronger mental focus and more creativity
  • Breaking through obstructive thought patterns
  • Improved sales competences and results
  • Lowering stress related complaints
  • Focused and collaborative communication
  • Improved physical condition, sleep quality and more vitality

Practical information

A Coaching plan starts with an intake interview (1h) and is usually followed by 3 to 5 individual sessions of 1.5h spread out over 8 to 10 weeks. Make an appointment via