Executive coaching


Taking a position

As a manager, your leadership and communication style inside and outside of the team has a strong impact on the general operations and team results.

During a coaching plan, we use individual and team sessions to map a manager’s strengths, blind spots and pitfalls. This allows us to gain perspective on the way a manager works and how to optimize the approach to lift the team’s results.

During changes within the organization, a manager has to lead by example. Inspiring your employees to join the change is partly a manager’s responsibility. This also means having a healthy way of coping with this additional pressure.

The goals and topics of the coaching plan will be decided together with the manager and his superior. Possible topics:

  • Leading for change
  • Input versus output management
  • Sales management
  • Assertive and collaborative communication
  • Giving and receiving feedback: appreciative and corrective feedback
  • Dealing with resistance and emotion: empathy and conflict management
  • Strengthen mental and physical resilience: Personal Energy Management
  • Discussing individual and team brain profile


  • Stronger metal focus and creativity
  • Breaking through existing mental patterns
  • Relieve stress burden and related complaints
  • Targeted and open communication
  • Better physical condition, sleep quality and vitality

Practical information

A coaching traject starts with an individual intake and, depending on the topic,  takes 5 coaching sessions of circa 1,5 h.