Sales training and advice

Achieve real “breakthroughs” Our experienced trainers and consultants will engage with you in evaluating what your team needs to realize breakthroughs. The key factors to success in a sales organization are:

  • Clear sales strategy
  • Effective sales management
  • An efficiently designed sales process
  • Clear explanation of products and services in terms of added value to the customer
  • A portfolio that stands out from the competition’s
  • Good cooperation with internal sales and services departments
  • Customer oriented sales and services in your organization

We offer the following workshops, trainings, coachings – tailored to your specific organization:

  • Sales strategy workshop
  • Sales management training
  • Value Based Selling training
  • Presentation skills
  • Sales training for engineers
  • Lead generation for engineers
  • Customer oriented approach for technical employees
  • Cooperation skills sales team (internal & external)

We also offer our sales training online as part of our “Distant Learning” offering.


  • Stronger performance by sales people
  • Larger turnover and sales margin
  • Clear sales strategy
  • Successful implementation of sales strategy
  • Greater customer satisfaction and retention

Practical information

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