Open workshops

Take control of your energy and resilience

Prime Performance offers the Personal Energy Management programme through open workshops at a unique location surrounded by nature in Klein Brabant, Flanders Belgium.

You will be challenged to strive for more, realize your full potential and maximize the pleasure in your life.

We teach a ‘fun’ way to incorporate cardiac coherence (scientifically sound breathing technique) and other effective tools into your organization to boost physical, mental and emotional energy.

Cardiac coherence effects can be measured via biofeedback equipment, on a PC or smart phone. We aim to equip you with your Personal Energy Management Plan, so that you can employ and reap benefit from these techniques long term. This goes beyond the three afternoons of trainings. You will look at and designate your life very differently.
Personal Energy Management gives you the opportunity to focus on strengthening your physical performance, your mental resilience and your emotional range. We work in small groups (maximum 8 participants) to create optimal interaction.

Depending on the group requirements specific topics can be highlighted. Workshops can also be organized in-company or at various requested locations.


  • Self-knowledge and self-confidence
  • Work-life balance
  • Improved physical condition, sleep quality and more vitality
  • Stronger mental focus and more creativity
  • Better coping with stress
  • Strengthening personal and work relationships

Practical information