Tactic travel, customer first!

Serious Fun – Business game

Would you like to adjust your employees’ behavior to think more from a customer’s point of view? To become more aware and work towards higher customer satisfaction? Do you find that a traditional customer service course doesn’t suffice? We offer the Business game “Tactic Travel, Customer First!”, which we offer together with The Service trainer (De Servicetrainer).

Studies show that we learn faster and retain more when the material is presented as in game. A Business game links serious “goals” with a “fun” game.

Ahead of time, we’ll determine what exact goals your organization strives for and adjust the game to suit. After the game, we discuss the experience and how it translates to the work situation and more effective results.

In the game your team represent the employees and managers of TacticTravel, a travel agency. The goal is to realize customer wishes while incorporating organizational goals. Important principles such as customer satisfaction, customer value, customer loyalty, customer retention and creating ambassador customers are important throughout the game.

No Refunds is well suited to training and emphasizing the importance of customer oriented service as part of a general plan to put the customer first. Suitable for B2B, B2C and government organizations.


  • Boosting customer oriented behavior within your organization
  • Concrete actions that will lead to higher customer satisfaction
  • Long term effect through a mutual reference point
  • Better collaboration

Practical information

    • This game format takes 3 to 8 hours, depending on the defined goals
    • Everybody, from secretary to director, can participate
    • We work in teams of 15 people and can facilitate groups up to more than 100 participants
    • Possibility to relate the insight of the game to the team’s day-to-day work environment

For more info or a proposal, fit to the needs of your organization, contact info@primeperformance.eu