Our approach

Prime Performance offers training and coaching services to strengthen the commercial impact of your organization and the resilience of your employees in an increasingly competitive environment.

Our team represents more than 20 years of experience in training, coaching and consulting expertise in several sectors.

Our ACTION portfolio is aimed at customer-oriented thinking and promoting the well-being of your employees in your organization. A hands-on approach which results in business opportunities, dedicated employees and enthusiastic customers who clearly see the added value of your organization.

We stimulate learning and personal development with a mixture of challenges, providing insights, practical exercises and FUN!

Our ACTION portfolio stands for:

A: Audit

A successful programme is based on a correct insight in the context and clear goals. All this will be checked during an intake interview. We also use a number of tools and questionnaires to map out the current situation in the following domains:

  • Your sales organization: verifying the maturity of the sales organization and the competences present in the team
  • The well-being of employees, an evaluation which can also be used in the context of the legislation on psychosocial risks at work
  • Preferred thought patterns on an individual or team level
  • On the basis of the audit of the current situation we can set up a tailored training and coaching process to reach the required goals

C: Coaching  

Coaching can be used to inspire, challenge, provide insights and tools to an individual or team, which are required to reach the predetermined goals.

T: Training

If the audit reveals that training of specific competences is required, we will set up a training plan together with you. We offer a combination of training in hard and soft skills.

I: Interim-management

When there is a need for extra management competences on a temporary basis, we will use our own expertise or that of experienced partners to help you out.

O: Online Learning

To save travel time and expenses and restrict the environmental impact of travelling we also offer Online courses tailored to your needs. Our experience is that face2face training can efficiently be combined with online learning provided that enough interactivity takes place. This is what we call ‘Blended Learning’.

N: Netwerk events

In order to guarantee the success of your organization a good connection with your employees and customers is very important. That is why we offer fascinating formulas which combine serious business to pleasure and which can be used for personnel or customer events. We organize an inspiring event, a real ‘experience’, which can be tuned to relevant themes within your organization. Some examples: Congrestival, Business Game