Inspiration sessions

Short eye-opening sessions, real “energy boosters”

During these 1 – 1.5h “energy boosters” we explain some topics from the “Personal Energy Management” programme. The aim is to improve the mental, physical and emotional resilience of employees, and learn to cope with changes and day to day pressures in a healthy way.

The emphasis during the “inspiration sessions” is for participants to become aware of and use various practical techniques, in a pleasant way.
The contents and format of these sessions will be tailored to suit your organization’s goals.

Possible topics:

  • Improved performance , managing your cardiac rhythm
  • Healthy eating habits for more energy
  • Have “yes conversations” instead of “no conversation”
  • “De-must-ering”
  • “Burnout – serious?”
  • “Whole brain thinking”


  • Introduction to innovative topics by expert
  • Raise employee awareness of energy boosters and drainers
  • Encourage topics for discussion

Practical information

We can organize inspirational sessions:

  • during lunch breaks at your organization
  • as part of a team or management meeting

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