Well-being at work

Leading to welfare at your organization

In the current organizational context, it’s essential to be able to cope with pressures and evolve with the latest trends. Customers are becoming more demanding, so the necessity to be able to combine various responsibilities is becoming greater. Among employees, change and its future perspective is not always clear, which could lead to insecurity. How do you deal with this, whether as a manager, employee or team?

The Personal Energy Programme teaches people to deal with work pressures in a healthy way and derive more pleasure from work. This is advantageous for customers, suppliers, the organization and oneself.

It’s also very important to pay attention to this aspect because of recent legislation in Belgium. A risk analysis for psychosocial risks at work is mandatory, it’s the basis for our plan of action. In this context we can offer both the measuring and the programme as part of the plan of action.

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The first step is to raise your employees’ awareness to some well-being principles with an inspirational session.


  • Insight in stressors and their effects in the organization
  • Making stressors and their impact more open for discussion
  • Clear communication in the organization

Practical Information

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