Who are we? - TEAM

A team of trainers, coaches and consultants, passionate to share knowledge to further improve your organization. They help build up your success – each from his or her own perspective.

Guy Van Ginderen

Founder and driving force behind Prime Performance. Has been using his creative, strategic and commercial insight for more than 25 years, training and consulting for both local and international clients.

The concepts and insights he teaches are based on own experiences as CEO of Prime Products.
His talent as an entertainer and musician gives your training, conference or strategy session a unique flair, and a memorable experience.

Mieke Buysrogge

Joined the Prime Performance team in 2011, after years of Business Development, Sales and Marketing experience.
Her passion for finding the human optimal functioning condition has led her to bundle her knowledge and experience in the Personal Energy Management programme.

She also works as a cardiac coherence coach with the Revida team lined to Bornem hospital, treating stress related disorders. Via coaching and training she inspires you to organize your life, team and organization in a successful way. A real boost of energy!

Mieke Buysrogge

Louis Van Nieuland

Louis is the man who really puts cardiac coherence on the map in Flanders.

His experiences as a therapist, head nurse, family mediator and ombudsman at the hospital allows him to have an intimate know-how on dealing with stressful or conflict situations. He shares this experience in a warm founded way during inspirational sessions, trainings, speeches and workshops.
Louis also co-realized the Revida team, which is linked to the St Joseph Clinic in Bornem.

Inge has been in the coaching and training business for years, specializing in developing leadership skills and leadership teams. She wields her experience in companies that realize that their employees are the key to a successful organization.

She translates how conscious leadership at home (cfr. raising children) also goes for balance and better results. She knows like no other what it means to be a perfectionist, and she teaches like-minded people to channel this perfectionism into a strength.

Luk is a person who brings structure to chaos. He is a trainer and facilitator who believes in the ‘service mindset.’  He’s been active in the field of customer service and customer satisfaction (for example through the game ‘No Refunds’).

He enjoys setting up educational projects or training programmes (face2face or online learning) in a way that maximizes effects and returns.